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At My Best

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At My Best… 

I have many things in my life that I value which are important to me that help me be at my best. As things change daily with Covid-19, I am having to adapt and find new ways of working that enable me to continue being at my bestbring on the challenge! 

Recently, our team celebrated working with each other during a ‘Lunch and Learn’ hosted by our Organisational Development team. Here at ICE, we enable people to be at their best and enable leaders to be at their best too; to create the environment (culture and behaviours) for their teams and people to thrive.  So, we’re committed to our ICE mission and as an activity, we added a word or phrase to a colleague card of how they experience each other at their best. This is what the team wrote about how they experience me (please note, ‘infectious’ refers to my laughter rather than any medical condition!):  

I am all of those things (and more!) and I can continue to be all of those things (and more!). For right now though, they just show up differently. Take ‘caring and empathetic’ as an example. During the normal working environment of being in the office, I would take the time to sit side by side to listen and look, offer my support and willing to lend a helping hand where needed. Although Covid-19 has put restrictions on our environmental movements, which means I can no longer sit physically side by side with my teammates, I can still be caring and empathetic. It just means that it shows up differently.  

A big high-five (a virtual one of course!) to the wonderful world of Microsoft Teams. I have adapted to this new communication style. I can still sit with someone, I can still listen and look, I can still offer my support and I can still lend a hand in whatever guise that may be – it’s now done virtually instead. I can still be at my best. Hurray!!!! 

I have my ‘At my Best’ card up on my notice board, above my second computer monitor in my new home office. This purposeful positioning means that I find myself reading and thinking about those words and phrases. I reflect on my behaviours that others see as my best – this is keeping me grounded and motivated to be the best person I am in these uncertain times. 

So, my intention is to continue being at my best, setting and creating my environment so I can be all of those things (and more!) for my team and for myself. 

I am still being at my best, just a little differently.  

Are you and your team at your best right now? As remote working becomes the new norm, the challenge we face for making sure we are at our best intensifies so we can create the right environment for others.  

Right now, we as a team are supporting the health and resilience of our clients, our people, and the communities which we are part of. We are here for you too, to enable you and your teams to be at your best in these extraordinary times. 

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