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Q&A with Paul Ellis

Paul Ellis (1)

1. Hi Paul, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m the father of two wonderful boys, Isaac (6) and Leo (4 months) and husband to Jayde.  The last 10 years was a decade well-travelled, having lived in Cyprus, Dubai (UAE) and the Kingdom of Bahrain before settling back into UK life in 2018.  I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career with a big focus on digital marketing, both in-house and client side working with some of the most recognisable brands in the UK and Middle East.

I love playing golf - which Isaac has taken to naturally - but my main interest from the age of 14 has been snooker. I currently represent Merseyside in the English National Counties League as well as playing in regional competitions   I was part of the Merseyside team which secured the national title in Somerset in June last year.  Something I’m very proud to have been a part of.

I am partial to gameshows and a bit of a claim to fame is being a former Champion of Countdown on Channel 4 in 2000 and again in 2017, with a little less success.

2. How did you hear about ICE?

I first heard about ICE through a job advertised on LinkedIn.  Having spent most of the last 8 years overseas, I was a bit out of touch with organisations across the Wirral, but the work ICE does, as well as the opportunity, led me to wanting to immediately learn more.

Shortly after applying, I was invited into what was a brand-new interview process. Instead of being the traditional interview of each individual candidate, we were placed into teams and asked to work together in a unique scenario. Something I wasn’t immediately prepared for but saw the value of as part of the recruitment process.  It was an experience I enjoyed and gave me an immediate taste of being part of ICE. 

3. What has been your experience of working at ICE so far?

My experience has been brilliant and fast!  Within a short space of time, it felt like I’d been here much longer!  The team in the Wirral office is a great mix of expertise and personalities, which works brilliantly and helped me become part of the team very quickly.

Everything from the interview process to on-boarding has been insightful and smooth and working with some genuinely brilliant clients always helps!  

Joining shortly before our 20th Anniversary celebrations was a great time to get involved.  There was a lot of internal work – including the launch of our new website – which I helped support as we launched into 2020 fresh and energised.

A key part of my role is to develop our digital offering, so it’s great to bring a fresh approach to clients who are actively seeking to develop these areas too.  The public sector is an area where I feel there’s an immediate opportunity to support clients on digital and have had some great success already.

4. What is the importance of digital technology within social marketing?

I feel that social marketing is still misunderstood and can be still often confused with social media marketing, which are entirely different things.  That said, digital technology and in particular - social media marketing - is an integral part of social marketing and can make or break a campaign.

Advances in technology mean that it is effortless to reach very specific demographics via social media with a relatively small budget.  Coupled with brilliant creative and the right message, digital technology is powerful and able to reach mass audiences within a short space of time.  Embracing this technology is key.

It has been great to bring my experience in digital to the business to help bolster the already brilliant team we have and bring even greater results for clients.

5. How are we as an organisation embracing the development of new skills?

What I love about being at ICE is that people embrace development.  Everyone across the business is keen to continue developing and new initiatives such as our ‘Lunch and Learn’ give people the opportunity to share their expertise with others.  This is a new concept to many, but through frequent internal training programmes led by our experts, helps us all continue our own learning journey.

Not only is this a great way to learn and develop my own skills, but also helps demonstrate the extent of our expertise across many subjects. 

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