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Make Better Happen

For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

Together We Make Better Happen

For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

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Our Story


Welcome to our website. We are glad you stopped by.  

Here you will learn a little bit about the ICE story; our history and how we have grown into what we are today. Our mission is to provide the best integrated support to our partners.



Our story started in 1969 when a talented photographer named Colin Jackson launched a photographic studio. Jump forward to 1999 and two brothers, Stuart and Ian Jackson (sons of that photographer) and Amanda Madden who had worked together with Virgin, Body Shop and Coty Rimmel, united to launch a communications and design firm in Merseyside and ICE Creates was born.



Yet our aspiration always nudged us toward work that could make a bigger impact to our society.  In 2000 we worked with the Fire Service, building really early computer-based kiosks. We created a brand called Firefighter Avi which was adopted by Merseyside, Cheshire, London, West Sussex and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services. And then a number of police authorities including Merseyside & Lincolnshire.

From this work we expanded into public and 3rd sector working strategically through comms, marketing and engagement. Noticeably achieving the first 100% engagement for direct government digital adoption of every local authority.

Our passion for innovation and people led us to an increasingly diverse portfolio including work with the Department of Health, the NHS and the Department of Education. Working on the internationally acclaimed Healthy Schools’ program as the lead for engagement and behaviour change for eight years that saw 23,000 schools and 155 primary care commissioners across the UK participate in the scheme with 98% adoption and 82% of schools recognised as healthy and well places to learn.



From here in 2009 we made a connection and were hooked on human centred design and engagement. We were mobilising populations to do amazing things - to sign up, to engage and to take action. But often what was letting them down was the experience of the services; not always in the right place, open at the right time, not available in a way that was helpful to service users. We realised that service redesign was needed that was patient/customer centred. And from there the ICE design team was launched creating our first end to end model SO CHANGE - social and organisational change. 

Our work now included lifestyle habits – smoking, eating, healthy weight and alcohol consumption, social marketing and behaviour change and our team had expanded to 35 people.



We were getting hundreds and thousands of people to consider moving from precontemplation to contemplation into action. We knew loads about how people work and so we started to apply our knowledge to a new sector in 2011 and developed a team focused on systems thinking, designing services and user experiences. 



Recognised as Behaviour Change Marketers of the Year 2013 we continued to grow.  In 2013 we launched our first Lifestyles Service in Coventry - applying the ICE brand of human factor design to our integrated lifestyle services.



In 2014 we delivered our landmark leadership program Natural leaders, an immersive action learning experience tailored to organisational leadership needs. Delivered alongside our design discipline Natural Leaders creates interactions and experiences to develop leaders and accelerate teams.



The final piece of the jigsaw in 2015 was to launch our Culture and Leadership Hub. Purpose driven transformation helps release the positive energy, commitment and creativity with the partners we support today.


When all is said and done transformation is the name of our game as we celebrate 20 years of ICE.

Caterpillar to butterfly, unidirectional and always growing. We believe everyone is a leader. First, we lead ourselves, then others. Being clear about why and how we want to be is central to the ICE paradigm and the tools we develop and use to drive ambition, narrative and growth.

Together we #MakeBetterHappen, please join us on our journey.

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