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Culture Diagnostic

ICE helps you to assess your existing culture in concrete, specific and objective terms using a highly engaging and rigorous methodology to assess and measure organisational culture. 

A company’s identity — the capabilities and practices that distinguish it and make it effective — is grounded in the way people think and behave. 

Most leaders recognise how critical a high-performance culture is to their organisation’s success. But many are discouraged by the gap between their current and target culture. Others are frustrated because they don’t know why their culture is broken—or what steps they might need to take to build their desired culture. 

Organisations that thrive are those best able to align their culture to their strategy. But transforming organisational culture is difficult. It means undoing unspoken ‘rules’ and challenging unconscious behaviours. It determines what people do when no one is telling them what to do.    

Understanding the gap between the baseline culture and a clearly defined vision for the future culture will highlight the actions that leaders at all levels can take to make meaningful shifts to instill new ways of working and behaving.   

By addressing these elements, companies can reshape behaviours, and in turn create a stronger culture that supports their unique business objectives and strategy.   

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Manchester University Hospitals Trust
Nursing and Midwifery Council
NHS England
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Merseyside Police
University of Durham
Sport England
NHS Collaborate
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Faculty of medical leadership
North West Ambulance Service
Coventry City Council
Liverpool City Council
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Kirklees Council
NHS Blood & Transplant
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Our holistic, people-centred approach builds on organisational cultural strengths and makes people part of the solution. 

We believe that change starts by understanding both spoken and unspoken perceptions, and continuing to build against key cultural levers: vision, values, behaviours, narrative, systems and recognition. 

We are adept at identifying underlying issues and determining what will help you thrive in the near and long-term. ICE helps you to assess your existing culture in concrete, specific and objective terms using a highly engaging and rigorous methodology to assess and measure organisational culture. 

We are experts at changing behaviour at an individual, team and organisation level

Understanding, influencing, and managing your organisation’s culture is one of the most difficult – and most important – tasks of your leaders and managers. Our approach starts by creating executive ownership of the required culture and change roadmap. We use a comprehensive assessment, tailored to each client, to probe the culture and create the evidence base for change, developing actionable insights. 

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We work with clients to: 

  • Strengthen organisational health and positive thinking. 
  • Shape and deliver transformational change.
  • Shift behaviour to shape organisational culture.
  • Help leaders become models for change.
  • Assess, measure and resolve incidents of bias or harassment  
  • Intricately link culture and strategy
  • Improve work practices across teams, divisions and locations and aligning leadership and management teams

We work with you to take all employees on the cultural journey, embedding change so that long term results can be seen, felt and measured.