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Narrative Building

We help organisations connect people through stories. We help you create a compelling story that is authentic, visionary and meaningful. 

Humans want to feel part of something bigger.  

A compelling organisational narrative tells the story of who you are, connecting people and building trust.

Forging ahead in the face of uncertainty is a key element to good leadership practice. It enables others to follow in your path, bolstered on by your confidence and infectious ambition. Storytelling has become a recognised skill for leaders. Whether it be on a personal, group or organisational scale, each of us has a compelling story to tell.  

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Influence people

As a leader, your story and how you choose to articulate it will have a direct influence on the people around you. Practicing and eventually mastering the skills required to craft and communicate a compelling narrative about yourself, your team or your wider organisation is a rallying cry to those around you. A good story affects radical and urgent change where necessary and is an excellent tool in the kit of any leader. 

Additionally, this set of expertise naturally develops your ability to listen and coach those around you into forming their own narratives. By creating your own story, you will tease out and encourage the stories of those with you. 

Emotional connection

It’s not enough to connect people rationally to change. Leaders need to create an emotional connection in order to stimulate the energy and collective spirit needed to power their teams through challenging times, where change is embraced rather than seen as a threat. And yet winning hearts and minds is without doubt one of the hardest parts of change to achieve. 

Both the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’ must be a galvanised front when faced with the task of inspiring others to plunge forwards with a shared set of beliefs and values. A well put together and compelling story uses both to create the desired effect. Your story is the ‘why’ that will eventually create the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of your motivation. It is the art of translating motivation and values into action through well expressed narrative.  

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 Connect through stories

We help organisations connect people through stories. We help you create a compelling story that is authentic, visionary and meaningful. We show you how to discover, craft and tell stories that move people – making decisions faster and taking action.