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Brand Update and Rollout



Exceptional team and client engagement throughout the co-creative process in short timescales


With a renewed vision for the future, their was need to co-create a brand identity reflective of Community Gateway's current vision and mission. 


Working closely with clients and team alike throughout the creative process. Apply the chosen design across, interiors, stationery, marketing materials both online & offline, signage and vehicle livery.


The Results

co-creation sessions

People involved in co-creation


Artefacts produced within 3 months

Throughout the Housing association, tenants and stakeholders, The co-created re-branding achieved universal buy-in, setting a bright and vibrant tone reflective of Gateway's vision for thriving individuals and communities. The rollout was achieved in the quick turnaround required to meet desired launch schedules across building signage vehicle livery, stationary online and a wide range of communications materials. 

Rebranding & Rollout

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