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Raise awareness of the savings and health benefits that can be achieved by making small, incremental changes to unhealthy lifestyle behaviours



Changed their behaviour


ICE was commissioned to raise awareness of the savings and health benefits that can be achieved by making small, incremental changes to unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, specifically looking at reducing spending on smoking, alcohol, takeaways, shisha and fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs).


The programme supported collaboration between Rochdale Borough Council and local social housing providers - Contour Homes, Great Places, Regenda, Symphony Housing, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, St Vincent and the Guinness Partnership and was set against the introduction of Universal Credit.




Multiple unhealthy lifestyle behaviours were targeted simultaneously – known as ‘behavioural clustering’ – as it was shown that lower socio-economic and educational groups are five times more likely to engage in a number of unhealthy behaviours. Therefore, the campaign took a more integrated and holistic approach to behaviour change – moving beyond a traditional siloed approach of tackling individual lifestyle risks one at a time – allowing us to encompass multiple unhealthy behaviours.


Our research specialists used a range of insight collection methods to help put ourselves ‘in the shoes’ of the target audience and to better understand why they engaged in these unhealthy behaviours and spending habits. We considered and tested a range of ideas with the target audience that would create nudges towards considering a change in lifestyle - looking at factors related to ‘inform, educate, design and assistance’ as critical components of both communications and face-to-face interventions.





Social marketing specialists from ICE created a multichannel social marketing campaign, ‘GET MON£YSMART’, designed to engage, educate and empower the target audience to make small, incremental changes to unhealthy lifestyle behaviours that would benefit their finances, health and wellbeing.


A grass roots network of more than 200 ‘GET MON£YSMART’ advocates (e.g. financial inclusion champions, community dieticians, neighbourhood officers, health trainers, family advocates and other frontline workers) who delivered face-to-face interventions with local communities – ‘on their terms, on their turf’. This was supported through online and offline messages.



When asked "Have you done anything to save money or change how you spend/manage your money as a result of the campaign?"


had made actual changes to behaviour



Changed behaviour a year later


The campaign has been a great success for all involved and received the top award at the inaugural World Behavioural

Science (Nudge) Awards in 2015.

Reducing unhealthy lifestyle spending

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