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For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

Together We Make Better Happen

For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

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Increase the uptake of the

 Covid-19 vaccination for hard to

reach communities


2.5 Million



In the context of an ongoing global pandemic, there became a need from Central Government to reach vulnerable people and communities who where not taking up the free vaccinations available to them. HM Government commissioned ICE to work across the country via all faith groups to engage people in relational conversation about the vaccinations rising awareness of information to support informed personal vaccination choices. Co-creating a campaign while engaging with the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Department of Health, the NHS, a complex network of senior church leaders and the media.


"Let's  be  clear:  this  is  a  national  challenge  on  a scale  like  nothing  we've  seen  before  and  it  will require  an  unprecedented  national  effort. We now have three  vaccines  available,  but  the challenge  we  face  is  ensuring  they  get  into  ‘the arms’ of  the  people  most  in  need  and then  the  wider  population.”

Boris  Johnson
Primeminister UK Government



Working through faith leaders and popular public figures to deliver targeted 'myth-busting', relational vaccination discussion information to the heart of vulnerable communities to which they belong. We acted quickly to listen to the different perspectives, opportunities and challenges raised by these communities and stakeholders to co-create a campaign and prepare faith group leaders to engage with messages based around Giving HOPE through the vaccine programme. We created a suite of tools and techniques including coaching for less confident leaders, a 'vax-chat' toolkit and video-based messaging, using the power of social media for targeted awareness and engagement, strategic and tactical mapping and influencer priming. The Give Hope toolkit supported church leaders and faith communities to give hope to friends, neighbours and family through a kind and constructive conversation.



To date the Give Hope Vax campaign has delivered:

- A series of roundtables and working groups with church leaders, government ministers and NHS executives -

- Give Hope toolkits and resources sent to church leaders and community activists across the country -

- Support and training for more than 1,000 church leaders -

- Input from, among others, Nadhim Zahawi MP (Vaccine Minister), Lord Greenhalgh (Faith Minister), Dr Bola Owolabi (Head of Health Inequalities at NHS), the Bishop of London, the Bishop of Dover and Pastor Agu (National Leader, Redeemed Christian Church of God) -

 - The facilitation of pop-up vaccination centres in local churches -

- Press and media coverage including 211 articles, stories and features in both the mainstream and religious media with 2.5m views/reads, 350k viewers/listeners and 16k shares on social media -


Social Media shares


2.5 Million



"It's a great pleasure to be able add my support to YourNeighbour campaign. The ICE team have shown just how we can use behaviour change to target important groups in our society. I thank you for your work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lives this work has saved"

Nadhim Zahawi MP

Minister for Covid Vaccine deployment


Your Neighbour Vax Campaign

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