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For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

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For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

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Developing the Best-You Ecosystem

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The Challenge  - Ways to wellbeing

Back in 2012 we were asked to design an ecosystem to help our population to better manage their health and wellness… to help citizens take informed steps to wellbeing

The holy grail I hear you shout.

Yet, what makes you think you can sort that I hear you ask? I’m not suggesting for one minute that one person, company or device can do that. It’s a movement that requires combined and concerted effort. The Nirvana of a design that supports our population on life journeys that enable high levels of wellbeing and happiness.

Insight First and Foremost
We met over 1,200 people in social clubs, pubs, social centres, supermarkets, churches, mosques. We talked to young, old, single, married, employed and unemployed people . We turned over every stone we could, and we learned some amazing things:

People don’t understand/recognise how their lifestyle behaviours impact their health and the implications of poor health in the long term
People want to do more for themselves – but don’t know where to start, it is so confusing and complex…
People feel ‘frustrated’ ‘abandoned’ – the health system misses key opportunities to engage with the right tools at the right time and support often stops in 12 weeks or less
People want to be treated as the ‘whole person’ - tell my story once and think about me as a person, not a disease
We heard a constant plea - ‘use the channels that we use, help us in the way that works for us’.
We don’t trust Government and authority…
We have great aspiration - we want better, although struggle to define what better is for ourselves, and for others - close family and friends and even our pets.

Back in 2012 we had choices to make. With clear evidence and insight we knew that creating a single place was right but, if so, then why were Fitbit, Apple and others not doing it? We realised that this type of platform was brand toxic for them. Telling people to stop doing things, like reducing alcohol and stopping smoking, doesn’t make money, it isn’t popular….

At Best-You, our commitment to improving people’s health is not profit driven. It’s driven by a deep commitment and belief that everyone has the potential to grow and be the best version of themselves and in doing so will not only change themselves but other around them. The knock on, pay it forward effect.

We wanted to eat the “whole elephant” it made sense to build the de-siloed joined up ecosystem, a single “market place” as a solution and everyone we talked to in Public Health thought the same. Yet the opportunity to change the system met with stern defence. Data sharing, contracts, it was too difficult...

The need to provide the population level data for public service and integrated systems is a key need today. And no one has this. Except with Best-You, we do.

Ultimately the biggest design driver and choice was how to transform a complex system and move behaviours that are hard wired for people into a simple, supported journey and trusted companion.

Our call for help was answered by the Director General for Public Health and followed by Duncan Selbie, CEO of PHE, and Jonathan Marron - Director of Strategy

We launched 14th June 2013 supported by a partnership of CCG, Public Health and Voluntary sector, NHSE and PHE.

Best-You grew organically, refining through user data and insight user testing, running alpha and beta prototypes and testing and turning experiments into full live features. The current Version 3 was launched in March 2017 whilst in the background we built a fully capable CRM featuring multi service, multi coach, multi condition management.

Today, well today Best-You is realising our vision for a population health management tool with resources that are built ground up and demonstrating just how powerful de-siloed hybrid experiences are for human beings. While many organisations are accelerating digital-first projects we have rigorous evidence that hybrid digital and physical solutions are more successful. Add to that an ever-increasing number of channels and platforms (think Tik Tok for a contemporary example) servicing and sharing information through this array of digital and mobile channels is expensive to maintain, doesn’t share meaningful data and doesn’t respect the ownership of the user. We often hope digital delivers lower costs and higher perceived customer satisfaction, but it comes with risk.  These platforms often lose sight of the needs of our population and over-rotate into digital only channels. 
We undertook key research to examine the performance of digital only vs. hybrid experiences and found that people on hybrid experiences outperform both fully supported and digital only designs. The hybrid light touch evokes the six core positive emotions associated with highly engaged people…

But here was the icing on the cake; wellbeing coaches and social prescribers got more reward, could support more people and outcomes increased.

SO today we have an approach that is truly individual, taking advantage of data science, digital technology and human care and compassion. Now we are ready to scale, giving our populations choices, health and happiness

Our call to action for our users is to take responsibility à make a choice.

We're not assuming that they…
Have knowledge of ‘how to do it’ - Best-You guides ther journeys
Best-You offers digital and human support from peers and professionals using their experience to build confidence in users totake action  
Best-You raises awareness of the difference they are making for themselves
Together as a community we are believing in and trusting each other, using data and compassion to make the right choice the best choice we for success
We are reducing the fear at a time when people are fearful and confused, are likely to be isolated – and maybe, just maybe, in need of support...!

The Best-You Community is a digital companion and network motivating people, delivering three critical pillars:

Awareness - of who they are, how they are and what choices they can make

Clarity - of the what and how to play out their choices, increasing personal capability (confidence and competence to act )

Decisions - supported and guided through a journey via goal setting and tracking, reporting back to users in easy to digest ways in their time, on their turf

When we imagined this place we call Best-You it was meeting the 7 priorities of people, supporting them to be something more, better in ways that they want, not what the “system” wants, yet the platform and people are helping the health and care “system” to sustain and meet the needs of NCD’s noncommunicable disease, minimising the volume and improved the long term impact that honest non-communicable diseases cause

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us one thing it’s that we need to build wellness and health at a population level ensuring maximum strength to our immune systems and that our egos have no place in this fight. My call is to join in a shared movement for wellness. Best-You is One Simplified Experience that improves health and wellbeing, whilst reducing service demand, to give our amazing NHS and social care teams the time and resources to truly look after us when we really need it. We have so much to gain and, of course, if we are not at our best, so much to lose.

Join the partnership, the allies against ill health and Covid, here or call us on 0845 5193 423

Don’t just take my word for it, read our case studies and testimonials that demonstrate the power of Best-You here 



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