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For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

Together We Make Better Happen

For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

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Be Inspired with HLS Coventry

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Commissioned by Coventry City Council, our Healthy Lifestyles Coventry Service has helped thousands of people to make sustainable changes to their lives. Our coaches are committed to supporting residents to get more active, lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce alcohol consumption. 

We love to celebrate success, so we asked our wonderful Coventry team to reflect on their proudest moments with the service. 

Welcome to our Coventry ICEspirations… 

Our coaches are, in essence, the core of HLS Coventry. Our service is so unique because of the dedication of our coaches, and their commitment to helping every client reach above and beyond their goals. More than just lifestyle advisors, our coaches help to instil long-lasting healthy habits, allowing our clients to continue on the road to their Best-You even after completing their 12-week programme with us.   

We asked our coaches what made them most proud and why these moments were so special:  

Elizabeth Mara 

"My proudest work this year would be working with people who are binge eating. I love hearing that they are now eating things that they want to and it is not impacting on their happiness, value, and often weight. The best things people have told me; “I enjoyed my 60th birthday without food overshadowing it.” “I felt beautiful on a night out for the first time”.  
I love supporting clients because I know in so many ways, we are helping to set people free."  

Our weight management services help hundreds of people across Coventry to understand their body’s dietary needs, and how they can work towards a healthier diet and a healthy weight. Often just one positive lifestyle change can lead to a domino effect of improvements – with many of our clients discovering new-found confidence or freedom after working through our programme.  

Amber Davey 

"A proud achievement for me was supporting a stop smoking client with her quit. She was smoking 100 a day and with a few hurdles along the way she did manage to quit. She'd never attempted a quit before, but she nailed it!  

For many, quitting smoking can be a daunting task. Our coaches often act as the first step towards a smoke-free life, so their gentle encouragement and continuous support is vital in helping clients feel confident about their quit journey."  


Beyond our 12-week coaching programmes, HLS Coventry works within the community to provide healthy lifestyles services to the people who need them most across Coventry.  

This includes our Primary Care Network, which are located within local GP surgeries and provide 6 months of personalised guidance for individuals in need of extra support to reach their weight loss goals.  

We are proud to be a part of this integral network, helping to proactively care for the community.  

Speaking to our specialist weight management coaches, who support our work within the PCN, they shared their proudest moments.  

Amber Davey 

"I've enjoyed working with PCN clients and one particular client mentioned his wife and wider family has also benefitted from his progress which is amazing to hear." 

Daniel Findlay  

"My best work this year was having the opportunity to support a wide range of complex patients as part of the PCN Program. I am grateful to have shared a small part of these individuals' journeys and capture some outstanding health and wellbeing outcomes! Always helping to make better happen! 

Delivering long-lasting change and improving the lives of individuals and communities is a core element and value we hold close as behaviour change specialists. Hearing that our dedicated work has not just impacted the lives of the individual, but also the people around them, helps to drive home the scale of the impact that our coaches and service have on the people of Coventry."

As we approach a celebration of 10 years running the service, we are committed to continuing to support those people who need it most.  

As you go forward today, ask yourself:  

What is your ICEspiration?  

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