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For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

Together We Make Better Happen

For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

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Be Inspired with HLS Gloucestershire

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Healthy Lifestyles Gloucestershire service helps the people of Gloucestershire improve their physical and mental wellbeing.  

Offering support for a variety of areas – from stopping smoking and drinking less to losing weight and exercising more – our team is committed to helping their clients to set and reach goals, achieving things they never thought were possible.  

In 2021, we helped thousands of people across the county to improve their health and wellbeing.  

We asked our HLS Gloucestershire team to reflect on their proudest achievements over the past year.  

Welcome to our Gloucestershire ICEspirations… 

Service Lead  

Our Healthy Lifestyle coaches are passionate about supporting people to become their best selves. In order to deliver this all-important work, our team needs a strong leader. A guide to lead them through the troughs and peaks that come with supporting people so closely. 

John, our Healthy Lifestyle Director, is exactly that. He provides the support, knowledge and confidence that our coaches need to push them to the next level. He works hard behind the scenes so that our coaches can focus on clients’ needs. When asked about his proudest moments, John told us: 

‘We are growing and thriving. It can be hard to stop and reflect on what we’ve achieved, it often merges into one. But necessary.  

I’m proud of all the little unnamed things I do and have done that have added up to the success and confidence in HLS and where I’ve hopefully made other people feel better, more productive, more confident, more engaged and more passionate about their work.’  

Healthy Lifestyle Coaches 

At the heart of our service are our coaches. Committed, knowledgeable and approachable. To be a Healthy Lifestyle Coach is to be a friend, a teacher, a shoulder to lean on. Our service is so much more than a healthy lifestyle programme, it is a uniquely tailored service, offering support and advice while building long-lasting healthy habits.  

We asked some of the team about the special moments that have made them most proud: 


‘My proudest moment is a client who was really struggling with her mental health and weight. With my help and support, she has been going to the gym and making healthier choices yet still having what she enjoys in moderation. She has lost a whopping 14 inches off her waist and her overall wellbeing has improved drastically. 

Losing weight isn’t easy but changing your mindset and everyday lifestyle is… but she managed to do it! Hearing that confidence in her voice and having a laugh with me every week is so heart-warming. Being able to help someone regain their confidence in themselves is so rewarding’ 


‘My proudest moment is a client that when joining the service did not believe she would lose any weight. She has struggled over the years with her health, and due to stressful events found herself often eating mindlessly.  

She has since managed to achieve her 5% goal, by changing her mindset towards food. She is also now going swimming 3x a week which she believes has also improved her mental health.  

She has inspired me as she managed to overcome all the barriers she initially thought were impossible to overcome.’ 


‘I worked with two weight management clients this week that are residents at the same care home. Both lost just over 5% but the thing that really impressed me was the care home manger telling me that the whole home has adopted a healthier lifestyle.... fruit/low sugar snacks instead of high sugar snacks, water, and tea/coffee only to replace sugary drinks, more veggies at mealtimes and residents being taken outside more often for walks to name just a few of the changes. As we all know the culture in care homes can be extremely difficult to change so this one really impressed me. I also have one of the staff on my caseload and he is also progressing very well!’ 

This is just a small look into the life-changing work we produce every day at HLS Gloucestershire, and the impact that we have had on the lives of the community is a great achievement. To change someone’s life for the better is an incredible task, and to be involved in this every day is a real inspiration.  

Healthy Workplaces 

Alongside personal healthy lifestyle journeys, we work alongside businesses and organisations within Gloucestershire, helping them to achieve Healthy Workplaces Accreditation Award.  

The award programme recognises local employers for the work that they do to support their employees’ health and wellbeing.  

We spoke to Vicky, our Workplace Wellbeing Champion, who told us about her proudest achievements over the past year:  

“In December 2021 we were finally able to celebrate the success and achievements of 17 businesses who received our Healthy Workplace Award during 2020/21. Following the award, several of the businesses involved made real change to their employee wellbeing, inspired by our challenge: 

  • ‘Lanes Health’ a manufacturer of alternative medicines has made a real cultural shift since embarking on the award including an overhaul of the onsite catering - changing menus and information to create and promote healthy options.  

They have implemented a mental health first aider scheme and senior leaders have been out visiting staff teams across the company to run sessions on company vision, values, and culture. 

  • ‘Gloucestershire University’ took the feedback from our Healthy Workplaces Award report very seriously (it included feedback from staff interviews undertaken from across the organisation). In response to the report, the senior leaders have organised a consultation day for all staff this May. They want to explore the comments and feedback from those who took part in our interviews to discuss their ideas, challenges, and successes to help create an action plan for continuous improvement in staff health and wellbeing.” 


Being able to implement change into any organisation is a great achievement and brings Gloucestershire a step closer to prioritising health and wellbeing in all areas of life, whether at home or work.  

Each day, we help people to reach goals, achieving things they never thought were possible – and the pride we feel from this is immeasurable. We are proud of our team, and the amount of commitment they have and bring each day.  

As you go forward today, reflect on what has made you most proud.  

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