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For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

Together We Make Better Happen

For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

We’d love to connect with you.

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Empowering ICS

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Partner with ICE to confidently deliver transformation



Working with ICSs, ICPs & Place is what we do every day.
We are experts in human-centred design with more than 22 years' experience of partnering with health & care providers to transform & thrive.


Everything we do is powered by deep human behavioural insights, intelligent thinking & radical creativity. We use our unique blend of expertise to co-create strategies to activate strong cultures & teams, brand experiences, social movements, and inform product and service designs to move the world forward. 

We help ICSs create and sustain healthy systems and societies.

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Visual Model of Care Co-created with Devon ICS


Healthy systems are made up of healthy people, teams & organisations.

Healthy organisations have:

  • Minimal politics
  • Minimal confusion
  • High morale
  • High productivity
  • Low turn-over of team


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How we enable transformation

What makes ICE the perfect partner for transformation is our 3-stage person-centred methodology for change:


Insight - Dig into not only what people do and how they do it, but explore why people do what they do. We know it's the why that is the biggest influencer to their decision making and behaviours.

Co-Design - We work with your team, partners and their target audiences to co-design and build people-shaped products, services, experiences and environments.

Engage - We engage with our partners to embed change. We evaluate what we’ve designed to further our learning and understanding. We transfer skills and assets across to individuals, organisations and communities to sustain transformation.


We keep amazing company

Our partners in systems working include:

Cheshire and merseyside
General medical council
guys and st thomas
healthier lancs and cumbria
NHS Wirral


What our partners say


Building leadership skills and capability of our senior clinical leaders is a fundamental part of transforming the way we deliver care for our patients at St George’s. Throughout our work with ICE it has been a highly enjoyable, collaborative and adaptive partnership. Jane and her team listened, challenged and delivered a creative and interactive programme, built on a clear understanding of our needs. The team created a strong and clear narrative across the workshops, balancing individual and group-based development. Critically there was plenty of time for reflection, shared learning and some fun along the way!

Martin Haynes

Director of Quality Improvement & PMO - St George’s & Epsom St Helier Hospitals Group

Applied theory is gold dust... ICE is a mine of such gold.

Matthew McClelland

Executive Director of Strategy and Insight - NMC Regulator

After working with ICE, you realise your only limit is your imagination.

Graham Hodgkinson

Director of social care - Wirral NMC Regulator

The habit of looking beyond the day-to-day, both at where we are headed personally, and at what others are doing beyond their division, organisation, industry and sector is essential for a connected system leader in our health and care system.

Karen Howell

CEO Wirral Community NHS Trust



If you want to be successful and fulfilled in your work, and you want your organisation and ICS to be healthy and thrive, you must tap into your gifts, strengths and passion.

That can't happen if you don't know what those gifts are, for you to build on your strengths and align your passions.


Stuart Jackson
Founder and Creative Activist, ICE




Why gifts and strengths?

Worldwide research demonstrates that when people use their gifts & work to their strengths, they’re happier, more engaged and achieve more of their goals.

This doesn’t just benefit you as a leader, but also your people, teams, organisations and ICS's. When each person knows & makes use of their gifts & strengths, group & team relationships are stronger & people achieve better results.



of people who have a chance to use their strengths are more engaged at work



more productivity with people who are aware of their strengths



more effective teams when they know each other's strengths


We want to do great work with people like you

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