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For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

Together We Make Better Happen

For a friendly chat about how ICE can help you, your organisation or community there are numerous ways to get in touch.

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The £millions saved ‘nobody knows about’ ...

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I joined ICE Creates just over 7 weeks ago. What drew me to the company was its culture, it's people and a chance to engage collectively in making better happen and I've not regretted my decision for even a single second of those 7 weeks.

ICE is a group of amazingly talented people who work together, putting the customer (individual or organisation) first, tailoring their unique approach to support long-lasting and often life-changing impact. But I've spotted a problem … maybe, just maybe, ICE is not very good at telling people how good they are, so what do they do?

ICE help people and organisations be at their best, ICE inspire people to unlock their potential and then to go on to unlock the potential in others. Better Organisations. Better Leaders. Better Performance. Better Employee Engagement. Better Wellbeing. Better Lives.

They #makebetterhappen. 

Why don’t you know more about ICE? You and I might call it humility, self-effacement or modesty. Maybe it's just ICE don't realise how good they are, but I've been amazed that more people don't know how great their work is.

You're probably thinking "well you would say that Dave, you work for them!" and though I might argue the point, I'd probably eventually have to accept that you're right or at least concede that nothing I said personally could convince you otherwise, even though we're good friends, go back a long way and have massive respect for each other’s life and work experience.

So I'm going to let just some of ICE's most recent programme outcomes and customer feedback tell you instead.

Organisational & Leadership Development Quantifiable Outcomes:

  • Direct Cost savings +£3million, let me say that again. Direct Cost savings +£3million
  • +300 project working days saved
  • 3500 reduction in unnecessary phone calls
  • 73% reduction in report to repair
  • +7630 working hours saved
  • 80% increase in clean batch efficiencies
  • Reduced helpdesk response time from 61 hours to 3 hours. 3 Staff released to focus on other projects
  • 71% reduction in time taken to repair P1 defects
  • 25% reduction in the end-to-end processing time
  • +500 leaders and managers engaged, coached and developed

Customer Feedback (just some there’s loads more!) ...

“We have never had anything to worry about when working with ICE. The team are highly creative, knowledgeable and proactive. The energy ICE brings to Leadership and Organisational Development knows no bounds. Their compassionate and inclusive approach makes working with them easy and pleasurable – we’ve felt truly looked after. They are flexible and always tackle problem solving with a positive approach, which allows for a fluidity and adaptability to respond to individual, team and systems needs. Overall, it’s been fantastic.” Senior Programme Lead. The East Midlands Leadership Academy

“Our work with ICE has had a clear measurable impact on customer service. We’ve also seen some softer internal benefits as well. Team members have built a better understanding of their roles and relationships, opened up communications and strengthened their resolve to problem solve in a more open and positive way.” Strategic and Social Housing Principal Officer

“ICE’s support and flexibility has been invaluable to the Council. The team worked with us at all levels to break down barriers to change and get the service working in new, innovative ways. We are now also in a fundamentally better position to harness learning and skills effectively and build for a more sustainable future with the aim of providing a service that is person centred and customer focused.”  Manager. Housing Options Service

“I have worked with ICE Creates on introducing a comprehensive Leadership programme and found them to be passionate, adaptable, approachable, honest and open, committed, and thorough. ICE was selected to the Trust to deliver the leadership programmes following an open OJEU tender process. They had no previous relationship with the Trust but were able to win the contract because of their original approach, adaptability, strong core values and willingness to align their values with those of the Trust. They took time to “get under the skin” of the Trust to ensure the programme would have maximum impact but still maintaining an objective view so that we can benefit from their work here. They have brought their experience but have adapted their approach for our requirements. ICE are clearly experienced at delivering complex leadership programmes to organisations.” Head of Leadership Development. NHS Trust.

As the US Navy Seals say: “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That’s why we train so hard.”

In the post-Covid world, businesses will need to be more agile, more creative, more people-centric and more tech-savvy. Organisations need to engage with their employees, support their resilience and wellbeing and ask them to identify and develop key initiatives to drive things forward. To do that they will need creative thinkers, problem solvers, decision makers, great leaders and high performing teams but they will also need the support of external organisations with a proven track record of #makingbetterhappen and I now know that ICE Creates is one such organisation.

What I’ve learned in recent weeks is that ICE’s expertise, as behavioural design and change experts, enables engagement and connection, helps to communicate vision and engage across organisations at an emotional and rational level.

They develop your people to think, act and feel with the “brain” in mind, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds, growing turnover, improved customer service & employee job satisfaction and driven long-lasting organisational change and efficiencies. Now you know.

Just ask, we’d be happy to show you that together we can #makebetterhappen.






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